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Blogging can be a daunting task for anyone, but writing articles requires a creative writing skill that not everybody has. If you’re short on time and need help writing your next article, then investing in an AI copywriting tool is the best decision you’ll make all day.


Jarvis Ai Writer Tools


Ai Copywriting Tools Provide Blog Ideas and Article Outlines


These tools will take care of everything from writing including blog headlines, introductions, format and topics plus a killer conclusion.



These tools are a great time saver and can give you inspiration at all the steps of your article creation. Resulting in you having more free time to focus on other areas of your business or perhaps family.



An interesting fact! Did you know that many writers are already using Ai copywriting tools to help them stay relevant and produce more content as a better writer for their blogs or write-ups?



How do I start writing articles?


The first huge step that you need to take is to actually begin writing. Daft as it sounds, a lot of people get hung up on this stage and never begin at all. The trick is to just sit down in front of your computer, notebook or phone, think of your target audience and begin writing.



Once you begin then it’s much easier to continue onto the next steps that will help improve your article quality such as planning out the first paragraph – which we’ll discuss.



Create An Article Outline First


You can begin by creating an outline of what you want the article to discuss and then start with your opening paragraph. Try not to worry about spelling or grammar mistakes while starting out because these are easily fixed in later drafts when you have time for editing.



Good Writers Have Supporting Facts


Don’t forget to have your article supported by primary sources get your facts straight! Keep sight of the big picture and remember to always try and start with fresh eyes. If you’re new to article writing it doesn’t hurt to follow a step-by-step guide as your writing content.



The secret of good article writing

Secrets Of Good Article Writing

The secret of good article writing is to keep things simple and easy. The goal for freelance writers, better writers, or anyone looking to get their content on the internet should be to write in a way that can easily fit into search engines’ algorithms.



In this blog post, we will go over some tips and tricks on how you can do just that.



10 rules for freelance writers



10 Rules For Freelance Writers


1. Keep things simple and easy

2. Make good use of transition sentences

3. Create a fluid passage with cohesive sentences using the same vocabulary throughout, but don’t be repetitive.

4. Use subheadings to break up longer articles

5. Make sure there is an introduction and conclusion so readers know what you are talking about, but don’t give the game away too soon.

6. Avoid filler words like “very” or “really”, as well as clichés and common buzzwords

7. Make sure to use keywords often without being spammy. Opt for a couple of times per paragraph rather than every sentence.

8. Make sure to proofread for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors before publishing.

9. Keep an eye on the word count and the number of paragraphs compared to similar articles.

10. Lastly, don’t be afraid of your voice! Readers want to know who they are reading about so make it personal and friendly. Not only is this good practice in freelance writing but also makes your blog or article more memorable.




How do I find Writing Inspiration?



Writing Inspiration For Freelance Writers


Writing Inspiration – How to find Writing Inspiration if you’re looking for a way to write your next blog post, article or essay. Finding the right topic can be difficult as well as motivating yourself enough to actually start and finish it.



How to come up with interesting opinion pieces and article ideas?


Jarvis Ai Writer Tools


Ideas can come to you at the strangest times, but writing them down immediately will help you remember them later. Keep a notebook and pen with you always or have an app on your phone where you can jot things down when they strike.



A writer gets inspiration from the world and people around them


The best way to get writing ideas is often by observing the world around you. Whether it’s writing about your day or writing about things that are outside of your daily life, this can help get the creative juices flowing and inspire you to write something good.



Freelance Writing For Beginners – Steps To Remember


When getting ready to write an article, it is important to keep in mind that your article should be unique. It needs to have a strong title, which gives an overview of the theme or point you are writing about.



Think about the article’s length and write accordingly. To write a strong article, you need to have reliable sources of information and not just any source will do!


An important point to remember is that a reader’s attention span is limited so keep to the major points. Blank out all outside noise and write that first draft.



  1. Get the right tone of voice
  2. Think how you want people to feel about your article when they read it
  3. Start with a positive introduction and end with advice on what readers can do next 
  4. Use persuasive words in headlines, intro, conclusion etc
  5. What is the point of this article? Who does it help? How will their life be improved by reading this article?
  6. Why are you qualified to write this advice?
  7. What are you selling/educating/informative about that gives you credibility for writing about these topics?
  8. Provide actionable tips or advice that people can take away from reading your piece


Tips for identifying a news hook with article writing


Identifying a news hook is the first step in article writing. The majority of articles are written about something that happened recently, be it an event, a product release, or an announcement.


How To Identify A News Hook As A Writer



While this may seem obvious to experienced writers who are looking for news stories to write about, it isn’t the case for new writers.



How to identify a news hook? Starting point ideas below!


  1. Major events that are happening in your local community or national/global news. For example, an upcoming concert for a popular band or a sporting event
  2. New releases of products, especially if it is related to something that you are familiar with. This can be a new video game, phone or tablet release
  3. An announcement of something like an event, store opening/closing, etc. For example, a new restaurant opening in town.
  4. A trend that is happening

How do I create a great headline?


Jarvis Ai Writer Tools


There is no trick to coming up with a great headline. It all lies in the research and brainstorming that you do before writing your articles.



If you have writer’s block start by identifying your news hook and the article’s angle. Then, write a catchy intro that grabs readers’ attention and entices them to keep reading. Finally, use persuasive words that describe the benefits of reading your article.



I hope this blog post is informative and helps you write articles with ease.



How do I write a strong opening paragraph?


When a freelance writer submits a guest post for a website or publication a strong introduction or opening anecdote is very important.



It sets the tone for your whole article and gives readers a preview of what they can expect from it. It’s here that the reader makes the decision to read on or not.



A strong article introduction will catch or break your audience’s attention


Jarvis Ai Writer Tools


Get it right and you’ll have readers hooked and clicking through to read more. Get it wrong and they won’t even bother – which is bad news for your articles SEO potential too!



Correct article structure isn’t easy at the beginning but writing skills can be learned with determination and taking a queue from other writers.



How do I write the main body of an article?


The main body of an article is made up of the paragraphs that appear under every heading. The level of detail you go into in each paragraph will depend on what you are writing about.



If it’s a simple list of facts, each paragraph will be very short and to the point. If it’s a more complex topic, each paragraph will be longer and you may want to use sub-headings for clarity.



The paragraphs in the body of an article should support and develop your main idea.



4 Simple Steps To Write The Main Body Of Your Article


  1. Write a short introduction paragraph that explains your main idea.
  2. Write the body paragraphs that support your main idea with suitable headings
  3. Add a short conclusion paragraph to sum up what you’ve said.
  4. Make sure your paragraphs flow logically and support the main idea in each section of content.

How do I write a good closing paragraph of an article?


Jarvis Ai Writer Tools


There are a few ways to do this, but my favourite is always an “In conclusion” paragraph. This makes it very clear that you’re approaching the end of a piece and summarises your points in one paragraph.



First, mention the points you’ve already made, then, summarise what it is that you want your reader to take away from the article. Give examples and specific numbers if you have them to back up your points.



Finally, you can include some more information on where people can find out more about the topic. This is a good place to mention other sources or give a call to action if you would like them to do something specifically after having ready your article.



Freelance Writers Proofread your articles!


All writers know that proofreading your article carefully is very important. As you read through your article, check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.



Don’t forget to check your numbers, facts and other details. Look for ways to make your article more concise and clear.



You can also ask a friend or colleague to read through it for you, if they are willing. Sometimes their fresh pair of eyes can catch mistakes that you’ve missed.



Common mistakes article writing

Common Mistakes Article Writing

Don’t make these common mistakes when writing!



  1. Forgetting to proofread your article for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes before publishing it.
  2. Writing articles that aren’t relevant to your readers’ interests or needs.
  3. Using too many numbers and facts without explaining them further.
  4. Making your article too long or wordy
  5. Forgetting to add a conclusion paragraph summarising what you’ve said in the body of your article.
  6. Forgetting to give readers a call to action at the end of your piece, telling them what you want them to do next.
  7. Not giving your content a suitable article title.
  8. Not writing in a tone of voice that reflects your readers’ interests and needs.

In Conclusion


How to get rid of writer’s block


Jarvis Ai Writer Tools


“I have writer’s block” is a phrase that many writers are familiar with. It can be frustrating to sit down and try to write when you just don’t know what words should come next, but luckily there are tools available for this very problem!



Best Ai Writing Tools 2021 You Need To Know About


We’ve compiled some of the best AI writing tools on the market today, so check it out if you want help getting past your writer’s block or need assistance finding inspiration for new content ideas.



Article Writing and Ai Copywriting tools are the future – we need to keep up!


In 2021 Ai copywriting tools have come a long way! they are good really good and any savvy writer will be starting to add them to their arsenal of tools! We hope you find one or two that help you up your game!


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