Social Media Post Types For Business

6 Popular social media post types for business

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6 Most Popular Types of Social Media Posts for Every Business


What is a social media post?


A social media post is defined as “a message about you, your business or your products that you share on social media” (Wikipedia). They are usually published through sites like Instagram or Twitter – they can also be uploaded through Facebook or any other site that visually displays content.





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Photo post

The photo is one of the most popular types of content on social media. It’s often the type of content people use to document their life or business and as a way to showcase their products or services.


Different types of photos are used for different purposes on social media. For example, a personal photo might be used as a way to connect with friends and family members. A marketing photo might be used as a promotional piece for a business.

A photo is a powerful story telling device. That’s why they are so popular across all platforms of social media.


There are many different types of photos that can be used to tell a story and make a connection with your audience.


Social media posts that feature both a photograph and video generally perform better than those that only include one type of visual content.



Video Post

Videos are a huge part of the digital marketing world. In the past year, video posts generated an average of 4x as many interactions as those without video.


First, let’s talk about what it takes to make a good video, what is your goal? This is going to dictate what type of format you should use.


One option is a traditional narrative of an event, or day in the life of, and another option would be tutorials or how-tos.


How about product features or demonstrations? Then you might want to consider infographics or imagery-based videos.



Story or Live Video Post

Live videos and story-driven content has the power to engage and attract viewers. They can make your brand stand out from the rest.


Live videos offer a unique way of presenting your brand to your audience. It gives them a sense of exclusivity which can be translated into more conversions for your business.


Story-driven content is often about the inner workings and more impulse moments of your business day and has the power to engage and attract viewers as well. Story-driven content can be used in marketing campaigns, website design, social media posts, etc., which creates a more unique and personal experience for your audience.



Gifs & Memes Post

The use of gifs and memes is popular on social media because they are entertaining, humorous, and creative.


Gifs are easy to use, create, share, and understand. A short video with a few seconds of simple motion that when paired with an emotive reaction can illicit a large response from its user. These little animations allow us to express our thoughts in a more tangible way than text alone can.


Memes are images or texts that are copied and spread rapidly by internet users – often with variations added along the way. They can be satirical in nature or just for entertainment purposes. Memes can be used to illustrate feelings or reactions in ways that words cannot always convey as effectively.



Quiz or Poll Post

The quiz or poll post is a type of social media post that can be used in your marketing campaigns in a variety of ways. This type of post is most commonly used in Facebook and Instagram.


You can use this type of content to collect data about the preferences and habits of your followers. You can also use it to gather feedback from them on what they think about particular products or services you offer. Alternatively, you might want to use it as an incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter, contest entry, or something similar.



Link Share

Link share posts on social media are very popular because they can be used to attract more followers by encouraging them to follow the link for more information. These posts also serve as an advertisement for the company’s product or service on the other website.



How to Write a Social Media Post That Actually Converts- A Complete Guide


The benefits of clear and concise social media posts are endless. They allow you to quickly convey a message to your audience in a concise manner without a lot of fluff. It’s important because most people will read your post if it’s short and easy to understand.


There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are posting on social media.



5 Tips For Successful Social Media Posts


1. Use emojis and images to create emotional connections with your audience

2. Make sure the copy is concise and easy to read

3. Share posts and link to content that is interesting and relevant

4. Make your calls-to-action clear and concise

5. Use social media automation tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Agorapulse



Conclusion: Top 10 Tips For Writing Great Social Media Posts


We know that all social media posts are not created equally, so here are the 10 best tips to create great social media posts. Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with customers and potential customers, but it’s also a tool that many brands are still struggling to figure out. So a few tips below.


1) Write in the first person.

2) Be true to yourself and your audience.

3) Be brief and concise, but have substance.

4) Avoid jargon or business speak.

5) Dig into your customers’ minds – Ask questions about their preferences, lifestyle, and goals.

6) Share what you do best or offer unique insight for your audience to get excited about it.

7) Build suspense with cliffhangers to get your audience excited about the next post you publish.

8) Use images, videos, GIFs or other multimedia content to make it more engaging for your audience.

9) Keep conversations open by encouraging comments and feedback

10) Give followers something new – Avoid writing about the same topics over and over again because people


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