Instagram stories not working for me! Let’s fix this!

Instagram stories not working

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Do you have a problem with your Instagram stories not working? It’s the worst when it happens to you! Let’s try and fix this! I’ve found some solutions to try.  Before we get started have you tried out the FREE trials for scheduling your social media posts at Metricool or scheduling your Instagram stories at Storrito? We use both they are awesome.


This blog post is going to be filled with tips and tricks on how to fix Instagram stories so they never stop again. We’ll go over what causes an Instagram story to stop working, what can we do about it and how we can prevent future problems from happening again. You’re in the right place and I’m here to help! Let’s get started.


1. Clear Cache and Data


Before we start troubleshooting Instagram stories not working, let’s try to clear any cached data from your Instagram app. This is an easy fix for when you can’t find anything else wrong with your device or app.


When you clear the cache and data from your Instagram app, it will delete any saved information that was leftover from a previous Instagram session.


This could be anything! If you were logged in on another device or browser, it might have cached with this old login info which is why Instagram stories are not working for you right now.


So just keep in mind, your Instagram stories may stop working in a few hours or days after you clear the data and cache. It’s a good idea to do this step every month or so anyways!


Here are instructions on how to clear both cache and data from Instagram. You can try these steps to fix any other problems that arise if Instagram is crashing too.


  • Launch Instagram!
  • Click the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner of your screen.
  •  Scroll down and click “Settings”
  • Under “General”, find where it says “Storage” or “Data Usage”. Click either one to see how much space Instagram is using on your phone.  
  •  Tap on the bar that says “Cached data”.
  • You’ll get a popup asking if you’d like to delete cached data. Click “OK” and you’re done!
  •  If there is nothing listed under Cached Data, still go ahead and click “Clear Data”.
  • Close out of Instagram completely. Now re-open the app again. Try using Instagram stories on your phone or tablet. Hopefully it’s working by now!

2. Check for Updates


Earlier today, I saw that Instagram released a new update on their mobile app. It’s important to keep Instagram updated so you can enjoy all the new features and stability improvements they release!


Check whether or not you have the newest version of Instagram. If it’s an older version than what is currently available, you’ll be missing out on a lot of new features.


If Instagram stories are not working for you, it’s possible that you haven’t updated to the latest release yet! Head over to the App Store or Google Play and verify whether or not your version of Instagram is up to date. If not, update immediately!


3. Restart the App


If you’re still having problems with your Instagram stories not working, try restarting the app. Sometimes it helps to take a break from Instagram for a little while and let your phone/tablet cool off before you try anything else.


When you’re ready to give it another shot, restart Instagram on your device and launch it again. You can swipe your stories screen to the left and leave Instagram open in the background while you do other things on your phone or tablet.


Give this step a couple tries if necessary! Reboot your phone or restart your device and try opening Instagram stories app again. This is an easy fix that usually works every time!


4. Check Internet Connection


Remember earlier when I mentioned that your Instagram stories not working might be caused by cached data left over from the last time you were logged in? Well, if you’re still having problems with Instagram stories not working, there might be another problem that is causing it.


It could be that you’re experiencing some sort of Internet connectivity or service outage. If you can’t access Instagram stories, it might be your Internet service that is down or not working properly.


You can try switching to a different Internet source like 3G or LTE instead of Wi-Fi if you have problems loading Instagram stories. You can even go ahead and reboot your router or modem so it starts playing nicely with Instagram.


5. Log Out and Log Back In


This one sounds a little silly, but it has been known to work! So if your Instagram stories are not working, try logging out of the app and back in to see if it fixes the problem.


  • Head over to the Instagram app on your phone or tablet.
  • Tap on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner and select “Log Out”.
  • Go ahead and close out of Instagram completely and restart it. Now log back into your account again and try using Instagram stories once more.


6. Check If You Have Enough Storage Space


It’s possible that your device isn’t able to load Instagram stories because you don’t have enough storage space on your phone or tablet. If this is the case, Instagram stories will simply not work until you free up some extra room for it!


Check how much space Instagram is using on your phone by tapping on “Settings” and then scrolling down to “Storage”.


From there, you’ll see exactly how much space Instagram is using. If you don’t have enough to support stories, you’ll need to delete some files or photos from your phone to make room for them again.


In Conclusion


We hope these tips have helped you fix your Instagram stories not working problems. If there are any other common problems you run into while using Instagram, let us know in the comments!


Thanks for reading!


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