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How would you like to get more Google traffic and for Google to be your best friend? The Google traffic tips that we are giving you in this blog post will help. We have searched for some of the best google traffic secrets and shared them with you.

Follow these Google traffic tips and see how google becomes one of your most valuable assets! Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to wave so google becomes your friend, but you can certainly implement these google traffic tips to improve your relationship!

Write blog posts with headlines that are interesting for readers


Don’t underestimate the power of a good headline! A catchy, interesting title is going to grab the attention of your readers. If you have boring headlines on your blog posts people will not click so Google will not see your blog post as particularly relevant or interesting either and you will not be rewarded with higher rankings or more Google traffic.

Create original content with unique ideas or information that is not found elsewhere online

Don’t just regurgitate the same information that you find all over the web. You can share other people’s information as long as it is relevant and useful to your audience, but google wants original content! Google needs reasons to believe that your website has fresh content so google loves new blog posts with unique ideas or facts.

Google appears to love videos! or perhaps it’s just the case that Google rewards anybody who takes the time and energy to create a great video or original blog post and rewards it with high rankings, so if you want google traffic get creative and stop following the crowd!

Have a website that is mobile-friendly!

Google will tell you exactly, but not having a mobile-friendly website could be the kiss of death for many websites! Google says that if your site has problems on mobile devices google may demote or even remove your rankings. So make sure to have an amazing mobile-friendly website ready to go!

Optimize your website for Google

A well-optimized website is a google friendly website. Search engines love it when you do all that you can to help them find your site and rank it higher in the results for keywords related to what they have indexed about your business or organization. You should write posts that contain important keywords, but don’t overdo it as google frowns on black hat SEO tactics.

If Google indexes your site and finds that there is nothing on it or very little content, they will lower the ranking of your site. Write a lot of relevant information about what you do and add new posts regularly to keep Google happy!

Use keywords that people are searching for in the title and content of your posts

If Google doesn’t know what your content is about, they are not going to send people looking for it. Think of the keywords that you would type in if you were searching google or yahoo and insert these words into your title and content where appropriate. If you are blogging about google traffic, google SEO and other related terms should be in your title.

Take advantage of keywords that people use on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to reference what they want or need. People often post questions on their Facebook wall asking for help with something, but companies don’t always see this because it is not on their website. Use google alerts to find keywords that are being used in social media posts so you can provide the information people need and gain google traffic!

Don’t try to sell all of the time, but let people know about your products and services in a google friendly way

Add a blog to your site with a keyword-rich domain name

Google google google google google google google! When writing about online marketing, it is important to remember that Google is the number one search engine out there and what they say goes! If Google doesn’t like what you are doing, your google rankings will plummet and no one will be able to find you.

If Google sees a bunch of ads on the page where your blog content is located it may penalize you for not providing quality information that people can use. It’s ok to include links at the end of an article to your products and services, but be sure that Google doesn’t see them as only advertising.

Google is all about the user experience and Google will only send traffic to your site if you are providing a positive one. Don’t be afraid of Google, embrace them! Google SEO can bring you more Google traffic, but it does take a little bit of time and patience on your part.

Get backlinks from other sites with high authority

When Google sees that you have links to your site from other sites with high authority, they will think “wow! This is a website people like and want to share.” High authority backlinks are the best way of getting google traffic.

Guest blogging for popular websites can boost google rankings in addition to giving you great content for your blog. Your google traffic will skyrocket if google sees that you are linked to high authority sites and people like what you have written!

SEO is not something that happened overnight, it takes time for google rankings to increase when optimizing a website with google SEO in mind. The key here is patience; SEO can take months or even years to see any real google traffic increase, but the results are worth it!

Blog posts should be written in a conversational style. Write content that people want to read and share with their friends on google+ or Facebook. People will not share your post if they don’t find it interesting so make sure you write about something google users want to know about!

Use google alerts and google analytics in addition to google webmaster tools so you can see what people are searching for in your industry. This way, when new keywords or phrases become popular, you will be one of the first ones on google rankings who can provide information that people need.

Submit articles to article directories, social bookmarking websites, and forums where others can vote on them and

You can also google for lists of websites that will post content without requiring you to sign up first, this is a great way to get exposure and backlinks!

Use images in your google SEO blog posts whenever possible; people love them! If your image brings traffic from google images as well as google search results, it has the potential to bring you, even more, google traffic.

You can google SEO yourself and learn all about google search engine optimization; it is not as hard as you think but patience is key for longevity, slow and steady.

Build links by commenting on popular blogs or link roundups

This is a great way to get more google traffic, but you need to be careful so google doesn’t think your links are not high quality.

Bloggers love guest posts and will often let you post on their website if they like what you have written about! Just remember that Google can see who has linked back to you and google will reward you if it sees that your link is from a high authority site.

Link roundups are lists of blogs or other websites all linking to the same resource, this can be great for google SEO because google likes seeing what people think about something so it rewards these keywords with higher rankings!

Don’t forget social media google SEO either; it is a great way to get Google traffic. Google has said that social signals are important when ranking websites in Google search results, so make sure you start tweeting or Facebooking your posts!

Set up Analytics to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Google Analytics is a great google SEO tool to use when you need to see how people are getting on your website and what keywords they used in google search engines to find you!

Analytics will show how effective your marketing efforts are so you can learn what works and doesn’t work for future website content and pages, by seeing which keywords have the highest click-through rates. If you are a new website go for longtail keywords as these are not so competitive and you will achieve google rankings easier.

There are google SEO tools for every step of the process, so make sure you get them all! The more google traffic clicks your website receives, the higher it will be ranked in Google search results and this is exactly what Google wants. You need to answer the questions people are searching for.

Google analytics will also show where people are coming from when they visit your website, be it social media or traditional google searches! Blog posts should be written in an engaging style with imagery, lists, short sentences and paragraphs, etc.

Include links to other websites and blogs within your post, but make sure they are relevant links

Ask questions in your posts because google likes seeing what people are looking for, but make sure you provide the answers!

Use headings and subheadings so they can scan through key points quickly – this is great google SEO practice too. Google readers want information very quickly when searching with google.

Include links to authority sites where possible and relevant, to increase google traffic and google SEO ranking.

Linking out creates a better user experience and has been proven to improve google SEO rankings as it shows Google you are trying to provide the best user experience possible.

Have a clear call-to-action at the end of each post, such as “share this article on social media” or “leave a comment below”

The more social shares an article gets, the better google SEO ranking that post or website has; this is what Google wants to see!  Social shares shows people enjoyyour content and google will reward you with higher rankings if people like what they see on google search results pages.

Google likes fresh content so a blog should be updated as often as possible and should end with a call-to-action. For example , “leave a comment below”, or “share this article on social media”.

Optimize images with keyword-rich alt text and file names

Google also likes images, so make sure you use google SEO tools to optimize them for search engines. This means creating an alt text file or adding a title name within the image properties which google can crawl and index on your website’s page.

Keep an eye out for new trends in Google’s algorithm changes

Never stop learning about google SEO as google is always changing its algorithm for ranking websites in Google search results. Always keep an eye out on new trends so you are up to date with google SEO best practice!

Do keyword research by using tools like Google Adwords or SEMrush to see what people are searching for

Using google SEO tools will help you to see what people are searching for on google search engines so use them!  Google Adwords is a great tool because it tells you which keywords have the highest volume of traffic, allowing you to target those with your content marketing efforts.

Add social media buttons at the end of every blog post

Google likes seeing social proof because it shows google searchers that your content is valuable, so make sure you add share buttons to all posts!  People love sharing great blog posts on google search results pages with their friends and family members, increasing the likelihood of those people clicking on your website link too.

To Finish Off

SEO is an art that takes time, patience and Google traffic picks up over time. Create content with value to engage your readers and customers, slow and steady, with good SEO and google traffic will come. Google is all about rewarding websites that provide value and are engaging to google users; make sure your website provides this and more Google traffic and better Google rankings will come.


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For the sake of transparency our articles may contain a few affiliate links, which means we may receive a few pennies from any purchases. Thank you!

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