13 Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Business

Google Chrome Extensions

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What Are Google Chrome Extensions?


Chrome extensions are small programs that you can install in your browser.


Chrome extensions are small pieces of code that can be downloaded, installed, and run from a browser. They provide many handy features such as blocking ads on web pages or automatically translating websites into your preferred language.


There are many extensions for students, ranging from educational tools to social media management, that extend the functionality and features of your browser.


Extensions can be used to perform certain functions like taking screenshots or researching keyword volume, and they offer a more seamless experience from web browsing.


Google Chrome has a number of useful extensions for business. There are literally thousands of other options available online! we have taken a good look at a fair number and come up with a list of our favourites.


What are the benefits of Chrome Extensions?


They can be used for a variety of functions, such as changing your search engine, adding an address bar dropdown list, or changing the look of your browser.


They are accessed through Chrome’s settings menu. Extensions can be used to perform certain functions like taking screenshot or researching keyword volume.


Extensions allow users to personalize their browsing experience and work more efficiently, which makes the browser perfect for business use.


There are hundreds of extensions available on Google Chrome’s website, but we are getting to our favourites shortly.


How to Add Extensions in Google Chrome?


Step 1: Launch Google Chrome Browser


In order to add extensions in Google Chrome, you first need to launch the browser.


Step 2: Find the Three-Dot Icon Menu


Click on the three dots at the top right corner. This will take you into a drop-down menu where you can select “Customize and control Google Chrome”


From there, click on “More tools” under Extensions.


Step 3: View and Add Extensions


To add extensions in Google Chrome, go to the Extensions page. The extension will show up if you have already installed it or can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. You can search for a keyword or phrase and find the extension by clicking on it.


TOP Google Chrome Extensions


There are many useful extensions for Google Chrome that can help improve your business.Time to take a more in-depth look at these tools!




LastPass is a password manager that saves passwords for you. It’s available on all major platforms, both desktop and mobile. With the secure vault that is encrypted, LastPass provides an extra layer of protection to your online accounts by securing your personal information with a master password just to remember.


Evernote Web Clipper


Evernote Web Clipper is a Google Chrome extension that lets you clip the web pages, chunks of text or bookmarks and read them later. It also gives you the option to add tags and notes if you like. By default, Evernote Web Clipper selects your last used settings when saving a new clip. Furthermore, with its integration into the context menu so it’s easy to send a page, screenshot or bookmark from right-clicking on a page by just clicking on “Send.”


The Great Suspender


The Great Suspender is an extension for Google Chrome that helps you by whitelisting certain domains and URLs so they can run in the background without slowing down your browser. The extension also unloads tabs to give your computer a break when it’s ready to take one, or you can always go back and click on them again or make a permission list of the sites that need to be available at all times.




Pushbullet is a browser software that provides chat services, including WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and SMS. Desktop users have notifications on their smartphone. The Pushbullet extension allows you to access all your chats from anywhere. It can also be used for sharing links or other documents with the people you are chatting with.


Adblock Plus


Adblock Plus is the most popular ad-blocker for Google Chrome. It’s quick and easy to install, helps improve speed, and improves privacy while also being configurable.




Momentum is a Chrome extension that replaces the New Tab page with a beautiful, colorful alternative. The interface is designed in such a way to make it easy for users to see their new background image every day. There are modules available for added functionality and customization in order to suit your needs as well.


Panic Button


The Panic Button extension is a browser extension for Chrome that allows you to add a button to the toolbar. When clicked, it hides all open tabs as temporary bookmarks so they are easy to retrieve later on. The extension can be bound to a keyboard shortcut for even faster activation.


Boomerang for Gmail


The Boomerang for Gmail extension allows you to write an email and send it at a later time. It also includes reminders, which is useful when you want to make sure someone gets back in touch with you. The premium features are available for a small monthly fee, but the basic features are free.




Grammarly is a spelling and grammar correction tool that can help you write better. It will help you get rid of the small, silly mistakes that we gloss over when writing. Grammarly works in emails, web forms, and more or less all types of online communication.




Bitwarden is still one of the best password managers today. We feel that Bitwarden is worth it for its Autofill feature, which makes filling out forms easier and faster than with most other options.


Magical Text Expansion


IThe Magical Text Expansion extension is an excellent tool to add pre-configured text snippets all over the internet when activated. It supports more than 40 languages, including English, French and Italian. This means that it can be used in many different countries around the world with ease!


Additionally, it allows you to program it to add email addresses, company names, or even sentences that will automatically be added to your online content all over the internet when activated.




Ghostery is a free browser privacy extension that allows users to detect and block Web trackers. It provides easy-to-use dashboard that is customized for the user’s needs. This tool has been helping people protect their online privacy through its innovative features, such as blocking scripts, objects, and images on websites.


Instant Dictionary


The Instant Dictionary extension is a free browser extension that allows you to access the dictionary in your browser. It’s useful for writing blog posts, working on academic papers, or just looking up definitions of words without having to open another window.

What makes this extension so unique is that it has shortcuts for finding definitions not only in Google but also other sources like Wikipedia and Oxford dictionaries.


To Finish Up


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world, and there are plenty of extensions that can improve your browsing experience.. Chrome can do so much more than just browsing the internet; there are tons of useful extensions that you can download and install to enhance your productivity.


The internet is a vast and ever-changing landscape. One day you can be on top of the world, but with one small misstep your business could go bust overnight. The key to longevity in this industry is staying up-to-date with new trends and features, even the small ones that will increase productivity or help improve your product or service offerings.


It’s not enough to just rely on Google Chrome anymore; you need to take advantage of the great tools that are available. From time-saving tools, tracking visitors to keeping an eye on your analytics, to customer support utilities, there are a lot of extensions out there that can help you run your business better.


There are many useful extensions for Google Chrome that can help improve your business. Time to take a more in-depth look at these tools! Vast information is available in the Google chrome extensions store.


Do you have any suggestions for additional Chrome extensions? Let us know in the comments below!


FAQs about Google Chrome browser extensions


How to disable or remove extensions from google chrome?


Chrome extensions are essential for a variety of reasons in the work place. They make it easier to navigate and organize your browser and can help in many ways.


But, sometimes you might find that an extension is causing problems with your browsing experience or slowing down your computer. This is where more advanced options come into play, such as being able to deactivate extensions so they aren’t running while you’re working on something else or fixing corrupted extensions by finding them and clicking Repair option.


Disable or uninstall Google chrome extensions by following these steps:


1. Open Chrome, scroll to the top-right of the browser window and click on “wrench” icon.

2. Select “Tools” and then select Extensions, you will see all the extensions that are currently active on your Chrome browser.

3. You can also disable any extension just by clicking on the “Disable” button.

4. To completely remove an extension, you will have to click on Uninstall and then confirm that you want to uninstall this extension by clicking on the “Yes.”

5. You can also see your extension history, which will show you all the extensions that have been installed and then uninstalled from Chrome browser.


What are the benefits of chrome extensions?


There are many benefits to Google chrome browser extensions, these include:


-Better organization of your tabs and windows by using extensions such as the “Tab Wrangler” which is a great one for those who like to open many different web pages at once.


-Making it easier for you to compare prices by using extension called “Google Keepa” which is great for comparing prices of items you are shopping online.


-Making it easier to take notes by using the “Evernote Web Clipper”. This extension will allow you to clip web pages, pictures, videos and text.


-Making it easier for you to log in by using the “LastPass” extension which will help keep your passwords secure.


Which extensions should be part of your chrome experience?


These 3 Google chrome extension should be part of your everyday life! They are some of the most useful Chrome extensions out there.


– Feedly: This extension is a great way to stay up-to date with your RSS feeds and know what’s going on in the world.


– Pocket: This extension is great for people who like to read articles on the go or want an easy way to save what you find online.


– OneTab: If your browser is overloaded with tabs, this extension will prove to be a life saver.


What else should I know about google chrome extensions?


Google Chrome Extensions are a great way to customize your web experience. With thousands of extensions available, you can find ones that will help with any task from playing games and watching videos online, to managing your email inbox. We have tried to list our favourites and the Google chrome extensions you need in your life!


However in recent years there have been incidents of malicious code being snuck onto users’ systems via phony Google Chrome Extensions.


There is also an option for you to review your extensions and make sure they’re not bogus or anything you don’t recognize before installing them on your system by checking out reviews from other people who installed it first.


Make sure that when doing this process, look at ratings and reviews and then remove anything you don’t recognize.


Why can’t I see my extensions in Chrome?


If you can’t see your Google chrome extensions try the following steps:


1) Open Chrome and type in “chrome://extensions” into the address bar.


2) Now check to see if this extension is enabled by clicking on it and then click on “enabled.”


3) If that does not work, try restarting Chrome


How to fix google chrome extensions?


Google Chrome extensions are an easy way to enhance your browsing experience. However, it’s possible that the extension you’re using may have become corrupted or is no longer compatible with Google Chrome.


This can happen for a variety of reasons, including when the creator has decided to remove their extension or update their website without updating the version of Google chrome being used by users.


Here are some steps on how you can fix this issue:


– Open your browser to Google Chrome


– Click on the name of the extension to view additional details


– Find an extension that is corrupted, click Fix corruptions.


Which are the best Google chrome extensions for VPN?


The best Google Chrome extensions for VPN are ZenMate VPN, CyberGhostVPN, Hotspot Shield VPN.


1) ZenMate vpn

2) Cyberghostvpn

3) Hotspot shield vpn


Are Google Chrome browser extensions safe?


Google Chrome extensions are generally safe, however users need to start paying a lot more attention to what they’re downloading and installing on their browser as there have been cases of malware present.


To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, check reviews, ratings, and other info on a given extension before you download or install it.

Furthermore, examine the permissions an extension is asking for and remove anything you don’t recognize as soon as possible.


Users should still try to stay aware of what’s going on with their extension as many people tend to leave reviews for the ones they’ve found useful so others will know which one would work best for them too.


What are the best free Google Chrome extensions to help students at school?


Chrome extensions can make school much easier for students to complete their work and can help them to learn so much more.


The best Chrome extensions are the ones that students will find useful in their day to day activities at school.


What is Dualless?

Dualless (free): Dualless is a productivity extension that’s a perennial favorite of many students.


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly for Chrome (free, offers some premium options): Many students do just fine using the free version of this popular grammar checker every year. Grammarly is a spell-checker, but it’s more than that. It also provides grammar and punctuation checks for students who are writing their essays or doing other writing assignments.


StayFocusd is a productivity extension that helps students to stay focused on their work by giving them rewards when they accomplish tasks or set goals in the browser.


TimeTrackers‘ purpose is to help students keep track of how much time they spend on different tasks throughout the day so that they can see where their priorities lie and adjust accordingly.


What are the best Google Chrome extensions for productivity?


The browser extensions for Google Chrome are useful in many ways. They can enhance your productivity by enhancing the security of your browsing experience, saving time by not forgetting to save pages, and providing quick access to information you have saved across the web. What are your favourite Google Chrome extensions for productivity?


Favourite Google Chrome extensions for productivity are:


– Grammarly to check my writing before I send it out.

– Keep toolbag to remember things in a place that’s easy to find.

– Google Translate for when I need to translate something and don’t want to use a website or app that doesn’t exist in my language yet.


Where are my Chrome extensions?


To find your chrome extensions, open the browser menu on the top right corner of the screen. There you should see a drop-down menu with all your extensions listed by category, including “search.” From here you can search for specific apps to quickly launch them in their respective tabs.


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