50 fun social media engagement posts

fun social media engagement posts

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Social media engagement is an important part of running a business. If you’re not engaging your audience you can find yourself losing out on sales. You might even find that your followers aren’t talking about your products or services and your business suffers as a result. We’ve compiled a list of 50 fun social media engagement posts to give you some ideas.


What is social media engagement?

social media strip

Social media engagement is the act of posting on social media platforms to engage with your followers. If you are trying to create content that will engage your audience, there are many different ideas that you can explore. For example, humor is always a great way to get people engaged.


You could post humorous pictures, jokes, or videos. Another way to engage people is through contests or giveaways. You could have a contest for who can come up with the best caption for your post or give away tickets for an upcoming concert in exchange for likes and shares of a post on social media. The possibilities are endless!


Social Oomph


Engagement isn’t just on social media either, there’s all sorts of places you can get started with on the internet for example you could do something with reddit, where people can post links to things they are interested in on the sub-reddit of their choice. You can also join subreddits for what you are posting, or link directly to text posts with original content that’s about your subject. The more traffic the better!


If you want your social media engagement to go viral, you need to make sure that the content is engaging and posted on a popular platform. This way, more people will see it and like/share it with their friends.


Social Media Algorithms Love Fun Social Media Engagement Posts




Many sites such as Facebook and Twitter have algorithms that prioritize which posts get seen first based off of how many likes or shares they got. Fun social media engagement posts are a great idea, especially if you are asking your community to comment and like. If you post something that gets a lot of engagement, social media platforms will push it more and it’s more likely to be seen by a larger audience.


You can also promote your posts through Facebook ads or Twitter ads, where you can pay to promote your content and make it go viral. This is a great way to get more people to see your post.


Having said all of this, social media engagement is not the only factor in having your post go viral. You always need to have quality content that people actually want to read.


When you post something, it’s always better to post early in the morning or late at night when people are on social media and bored. People generally check their accounts during those times so it’s a great way to get your content seen right away. Also, don’t forget that hashtags are an important part of getting engagement.


Social Media Engagement Is More Than Just Sharing Don’t Forget To Listen Too




It’s not just a question of post and forget. You need to be engaging in the comments section and showing people that you are actually paying attention. People love to feel important so focus on them when they comment and try to answer their questions or concerns in a positive way.


The key thing is to be relatable, so if somebody isn’t being nice online, don’t respond with harshness, it’s always better to be the bigger person. You can also take polls on social media or ask people what they think about a certain topic. This is another way to get feedback from your audience and make them feel like you are listening to them.


Engagement is about helping your community, not just about boosting your social media presence


Don’t forget to add value to the lives of your social media friends and followers. We all want to feel like we’re making a difference and if you provide insight or helpful information, not only will you create loyal fans and friends but also people who will help spread your message for free.


Then when it’s time for a promotional post the word will already be out and the engagement will be higher than ever due to the trust you have built in your community already with value added posts.


50 fun social media engagement posts


Social Oomph


Here are 50 fun social media posts you can schedule to keep your followers amused and engaged as we head towards the holiday season!


1. What’s the best way to spend a snowy day?

2. The best thing about staying home on a Friday?

3. What is your go to late night snack?

fun social media engagement posts snacks

4. What’s your favorite rainy day activity?

5. Winter is here, what are your favorite warm drinks?

6. Which of these five classic winter drinks should you try tonight?

7. Do you have a Netflix binge-watch list for this winter? Add it to ours!

fun social media engagement posts Netflix

8. Who knows more about travel hacks, locals or international travelers?

9. Last one – share a travel tip with us! 10 tips, please!

10. Would you rather visit the City of Lights in the summer or winter?

11. What are your favorite winter movies to watch when it’s snowing outside?

12. Which of these three winter sports is most like your personality?

13. Three recipes for hot chocolate, which one do you want to try first?

14. Cuddle up with your pets and post pictures!

15. Which is your favourite winter sport?

fun social media engagement posts winter sports

16. What’s the most exciting thing about this month? (Share with us!)

17. Favorite proverb/quote and why?

18. Are you the kind of person who would prefer to hibernate or go on a winter vacation?

19. What are your favorite sports to watch during the Olympics?

20. Share three songs that make you happy!

21. Share three songs that remind you of the holidays!

22. What was your favorite childhood holiday tradition?

23. Favorite board game and why?

fun social media engagement posts board games

24. Share ten reasons we should all stay positive right now!

25. Three tips on how to survive the busy holiday season!

26. What are your favorite holiday beauty treatments?

27. What new habits would you like to set for this next year? Share your goals!

28. How do you feel about new year’s resolutions? Do you make them? Share with us!

29. Share ten reasons why we should all give back more in 2022!

30. Coming out of 2021 share something that you are excited about for the future.

31. How many ways can you think of to make 2022 better than 2021?

32. What do you hope for most in the coming year?

33. Share five good things that happened today!

34. Your homework assignment is to focus on the positive and write a list of ten things that went well for you today!

35. What are your plans for this weekend?

36. How do you usually spend New Year’s Eve?

37. Share five movies you can watch over and over again without getting tired of them!

38. If you could be any animal, what would you want to be and why?

39. Share five things that make you grateful right now!

fun social media engagement posts positive thinking

40. What are your favorite family traditions for the holiday season?

41. If you could get one thing for Christmas, what would it be?

42. Share three winter-themed Christmas movies with us!

43. Share five things you’d like to do more often in the new year!

44. Share three ways you’re planning on de-stressing after the holidays.

45. What’s your favorite holiday TV episode? share with us!

46. Share ten signs that it’s almost time for the holidays!

47. Share three things you love about winter!

48. If you had a theme song what would it be?

49. Share the best gift you ever received for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus!

50. Share three songs that always bring you good winter vibes!


Summing Up!



We hope you found these fun social media engagement posts and ideas to be both informative and entertaining. Remember to always post at the right time, be genuine and funny when possible, and stay true to your brand voice! A little extra creativity can go a long way when it comes to engaging with customers on social media platforms. 


You don’t want to post content just for the sake of posting; rather, take some time each week (or even day!) to try out new ideas and strategies so that you are always coming up with fresh ways to engage followers online. 


The key to success in any digital marketing campaign is understanding what your audience needs and adding value, so be sure to take the time to ask them questions before crafting a post. Be creative with how you engage with customers on social media – it’s an evolving field that provides plenty of opportunity for experimentation!


What have been some successful creative approaches you’ve used? Let us know in the comments below!


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For the sake of transparency our articles may contain a few affiliate links, which means we may receive a few pennies from any purchases. Thank you!

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