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Envato Elements is a fantastic value for money service. I get unlimited access to the library of 6,196,891 million high-quality digital assets, such as photos, videos, music, graphics, WordPress themes, and more for $33/m or $199/y. All Envato Elements assets are covered by a good commercial licence.


Customers who are Envato Elements members can also get access to over 1,200 eBooks and video courses from EnvatoTuts+, making it possible for them to access over 1 million digital assets and educational materials from EnvatoTuts+.


  • ThemeForest – Themes and templates for building websites
  • CodyCanyon – Access to plugins, scripts, and code snippets is available.
  • VideoHive – Royalty-free video and template files
  • AudioJungle – It provides royalty-free music and audio.
  • GraphicRiver – Graphic components include everything from Icons, typefaces, and logos to images.
  • PhotoDune – There are a lot of royalty-free stock photos to choose from.
  • 3DOcean – Provides 3D print models and CG textures

Envato has grown rapidly in recent years, including a handy website builder, online courses and tutorial service, a marketplace for freelancers, and more. Envato Elements has made the greatest impact. It’s been touted as the “Ultimate Creative Asset Subscription.”


During this Envato Elements review, I’ll go through the features, usefulness, and pricing of the site and its assets so you can see if it’s right for you.


Envato Elements Review – What is Envato Elements?


Envato Elements Review Great Value So Useful 


Envato Elements is a paid subscription service that allows designers to access more than 6,196,981 digital assets for use in their projects. The cost is monthly or yearly depending on the duration of your membership.


Unlimited digital downloads are available with both subscription pricing plans. Customers who use either subscription (instead of just the annual subscription) can now utilize 3000+ WordPress plugins and themes and template kits from Envato Elements as a result of a recent pricing plan change.


You won’t have to worry about download limits or credits with this service. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to test out various images, files, and themes until you find the perfect ones for your project.


Envato Elements’ digital assets are created by a large community of freelance designers. Each designer is paid through a revenue-sharing arrangement. The content providers who supply the resources utilized in Envato Elements get half of the income.

If you already have a WordPress website, congratulations!, 


If you’re running a business, the Envato Elements WordPress plugin is something you should strongly consider. The Envato Elements stock photographs repository is a collection of images that you can use on your WordPress website’s admin area to browse through and add photos to existing posts and pages.


The plugin lets you use a variety of template kits and page templates that are accessible through the site administration interface. Beaver Builder (see difference between free and paid Beaver Builder versions) or Elementor (see how Elementor free and pro version differ) may be used to add these kits and templates to your website.


Who is Envato Elements For?


Envato Elements Review Is It Worth It


Some of the primary organizations that might benefit from utilizing this service include:


  • Audio producers who need sound effects for their works.
  • Bloggers looking for high-resolution photos to use in their blog posts.
  • Business owners that may want ready-made business cards, stationery, and website templates.
  • Artists and designers who require more font, action, brush, and layer style options.
  • Podcasters who might want to include some audio in their episodes.
  • Designers and creators of T-shirts who need starting templates and graphics.
  • Commercial and corporate video production companies, independent vloggers in need of video templates and stock footage files.
  • Individuals who require numerous WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Web designers who require HTML templates, WordPress themes, and other similar resources for the sites they’re building.

Anyone who creates or utilizes audio and/or visual media is regarded as part of the Envato Elements’ target audience.


This tool is an excellent resource for those who want to find the ideal photograph for a blog article or who wish to increase workflow efficiency by either utilizing a template or starting with presets and actions for specific applications that you use the most.


Using Envato Elements is beneficial to WordPress users. This service’s vast selection of WordPress themes and plugins makes it a super resource for bloggers, website owners, freelancers, and others who use WordPress.


What Does Envato Elements Include?


At the time of publishing, Envato Elements’s asset repository has the following items:


  • WordPress Themes (1,396+ items) – Themes for eCommerce, blogging, and portfolio creation are just a few examples.
  • WordPress Plugins (634+ items) – Forms, email marketing, social media plugins, etc.
  • Photos (3,196,556+ items) – Many high-resolution royalty-free stock photos are available for technology, people, food, landscape, and other themes.
  • Graphics (63,350+ items) – There are a lot of content, graphics, illustrations, icons, and vectors.
  • Graphic Templates (157,435+ items) – You’ll also find UI and UX kits, infographics, and product mockup templates.
  • Add-ons (11,079+ items) – Layer styles, actions, and presets
  • Fonts (18,643+ items) – Sans serif, seriff, decorative fonts, and more.
  • Presentation Templates (26,654+ items) – Keynote, PowerPoint templates, etc.
  • Web Templates (2,281+ items) – Email, landing page, website, and admin templates are all available.
  • CMS Templates (1,144+ items) – Pre-designed templates from WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Drupal, Magento, and Tumblr.
  • 3D Renders (74,699+ items) – It’s capable of generating high-resolution renders.
  • Stock Video (1,904,737+ items) – Motion graphics and stock video footage.
  • Video Templates (37,289+ items) – Broadcast packages for social media for example including all segments (titles), descriptions (promos), and artwork for each episode (broadcasts).
  • Music (95,697+ items) – There are many royalty-free idents and songs to pick from.
  • Sound Effects (567,120+ items) – Sounds from various animals, cartoons, games, and nature.

Envato Elements is an online marketplace that offers exceptional value to their subscribers – we know! WordPress plugins and themes are now part of Envato Elements, which has over 600,000 royalty-free stock images available for download.


Envato Elements’ resource library is growing fast. Even with all of these choices, determining exactly what you’re searching for remains simple. To assist narrow down your search, most of their top-level categories are divided into subcategories.


What Is the Envato Elements License and How Does It Work?


The Envato Elements license is straightforward. All downloadable content is covered by a commercial license. More information on this license may be found on their site. ,This allows you to utilize the assets in your work with customers, as well as your own work.


–A single commercial license

All Envato Elements goods have the same license conditions. You get broad commercial rights that allow you to use things in your client projects as well as your personal work.


–Each time an item is used, Register it

You’ll get a single-use license for each download that you acquire. If you wish to reuse an item, all you have to do is visit your downloads and re-register it for a different purpose.


–There are a few basic restrictions:

  • You can’t resell things or distribute them;
  • You can’t use items in on-demand services;
  • The items you’ve downloaded can’t be used as a basis for merchandising. For example, Envato Elements does not allow you to print an item from their marketplace on a T-shirt.

–License if you stop using Envato Elements

You may use any of the components in the Envato Elements library for commercial purposes if you’ve paid for access. If you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to additional items.


However, any items you’ve previously downloaded and registered for a project before the subscription was terminated may still be utilized for that project.


The User Experience of Envato Elements


Envato Elements is easy to navigate. You can even check out their collection for free before deciding to subscribe. It just takes a few minutes to join up and start downloading stuff if you discover something you like.


After you’ve signed up for a free Envato account, you can choose whether to pay month-to-month or annually (which is a better deal).


After you’ve discovered something you like, go over the details on its own page before deciding whether or not to download it. To access the files, click the “download” button when you’re ready.


You must first register a file to be used in a specific project or download it for free trial use before you can download it.


The latter option is perfect for individuals who wish to research a product before deciding whether or not to use it. You can continue utilizing an item even after canceling your membership.


Zip files containing the items you choose will be downloaded. You may extract the necessary files onto your computer and run them using compatible software to open them.


You may also use the PNG or JPEG versions of the picture in addition to the Illustrator or Photoshop variants if you download a background image or other types of graphics. You can utilize that image right away without having to launch a specific software program by using PNG or JPEG variants.


The latter option is ideal for those who want to examine a particular item before deciding to use it. Once you’ve downloaded an item, you can keep using it even if you cancel your subscription.


Items that you select will be downloaded as zip files. You can extract the necessary files on your computer and open them using compatible software.


If you download a background image or other kinds of graphics, you can also use the PNG or JPEG versions of the image in addition to the Illustrator or Photoshop versions. Having PNG or JPEG versions allow you to use that image immediately without having to open a particular software application first.


What is the cost of Envato Elements?


Envato Elements offers over 1.6 million Envato Elements digital assets and over 500,000 stock photos at Twenty20. Each subscription also includes TutsPlus eBooks and online courses.


The annual membership fee is $16.50 a month (for those in Europe, the price is 14.50€/month). If you choose to pay monthly, your subscription will cost you 29 Euros per month.


When you sign up for a subscription, you may receive a 30% discount by providing a student email address. Select Envato Elements subscriptions are discounted by 50 percent for eligible charitable organizations.


There are no long-term obligations or agreements. You can pay for your membership either annually or monthly, and you may terminate it at any time.


You may download as many digital items as you like with a subscription. Remember that downloading an asset does not mean you own it. Review Envato Elements’ license conditions to make sure you understand what is and isn’t permitted.


Conclusion of the Envato Elements Review


Envato Elements is a fantastic resource. For only $33 per month (or $16.50 per month if you pay yearly), you get access to a large collection of high-quality digital assets.


I’m always in need of photos to improve my blog articles, tweets, and other social media activities as a social media user and website owner. Web developers, graphic designers, and other sorts of creatives may find Envato Elements particularly helpful.


The ease of downloading numerous typefaces and website layouts that may be utilized in client projects can come in really handy. Stationery design templates accessible using this service are both professional-looking and reasonably priced.


Envato Elements has improved with the inclusion of WordPress themes and plugins. All things appear to have been produced to extraordinarily high standards.


I’m very confident that, as this resource becomes more popular and attracts a major source for artists to sell their work, the business will stay on top of each submission to ensure that the high-quality standards are maintained.


This is a wonderful membership option for anybody wanting WordPress plugins, themes, templates, graphics, mockups, and other visual components at an extremely reasonable cost.


It’s a fantastic deal even if you just need a few things to finish a project since any resources you’ve registered and downloaded may be used after your membership expires.


I’m surprised by how inexpensive Envato Elements is. I believe that many individuals may find great value in it. When you consider the number of digital assets available to you, the monthly price is surprisingly low.


You may cancel your membership at any time, and you won’t be bound to a lengthy agreement. I love everything Envato Elements has to offer, but I also recognize that it isn’t for everyone.


Like any other subscription service, you’ll need to utilize it frequently enough to make the purchase worthwhile. If you don’t download audio files, movies, photos, or other digital items on a regular basis, buying them when you need them might be a better option for you.


It’s possible that Envato Elements doesn’t have everything you’re searching for. Envato Elements subscriptions do not include many of the most popular files on Envato Marketplaces.


So, if you want access to those things, you’ll either have to buy them separately or restrict yourself to the items that your membership allows you to use.


For some consumers, Envato Elements will be a one-stop-shop that offers everything they could want. For others, an Envato Elements subscription is a reasonable addition to their existing assets purchases.


I highly encourage you to go over Envato Elements’ website to see what else they have to offer. It may help you appreciate all of the high-quality items that are available in their library.


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