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Artificial intelligence is improving at a fast pace. In fact, some of the things that we thought were not possible a few years ago are only a matter of time before they become mainstream.


Artificial intelligence text to speech is one of those things. Many people have heard of text to speech technology but have never used it. This blog is designed to set the record straight and to help those who are interested in finding out more about text to speech Ai solutions. By the end of this article you will be able to find the most suited voiceover tool for your business.


What is Artificial Intelligence text to speech



Artificial Intelligence Text to Speech (AiTTS) is the process of generating speech from written text. Easily create Ai text to speech (TTS) with computer software.


You can customise voices, pick a male or female, choose a country for the accent maybe the UK, US or Canada. Speed the voice up, slow it down, pause or even emphasise the speech in places and simply generate as a voiceover. Then simply download as an audio mp3 file and add it to your website or project.


It’s a great way to save some serious money you would spend on professional voice actors. Luckily, there are a few top Artificial Intelligence text to speech products on the market that use artificial intelligence to generate a high-quality voice from text in a few simple steps.


We already use the other one! Artificial intelligence speech to text for a variety of reasons, but especially when using other voice-controlled devices like smart home devices, phones, and computers.


How to generate Ai text to speech using a computer?


Ai text to speech software solutions 


Making a text to speech using a computer is very easy. Here are the steps:


1) Pick one of our FREE offer trial software programs.

2) Install the software or sign in online and follow the on-screen instructions to create your first voice over! It’s that simple.

3) Click the button to create a new audio file in the Artificial Intelligence Text To Speech software program and start talking!


Why use Ai text to speech?


Text to speech is very useful for anyone who wants to make announcements or read out text files. There are many different reasons why you would want to use it:


1) If you’re looking for a way of making your website more interactive, then text to speech could be the answer . Using text to speech you can add a sound button to your website which will play a sample of the audio file in question. It’s a great way of making your site more interactive and is also very easy to implement.


2) If you’re looking for an alternative way of making announcements then text to speech could be the answer . You can use text to speech on your website, for example if you’re running a school or college then you could create an announcement using text to speech. You can also use text to speech in presentations or when you’re giving a presentation.


3) If you want to add more sound and excitement to your website then using text to speech could be the answer . You can add sounds and noises, for example by making a sound button clickable that will play a sample of the audio file in question.


4) If you’re looking for an alternative way of reading out text files for more engagements from your readers then using text to speech could be the answer.


If you think about it we already use Artificial Intelligence speech to text with our cell phones, Siri, Alexa etc everyday! Ai is here to stay and can save us hours of time and major money when we pick our products carefully.


Why should I buy an Artificial Intelligence text to speech software? 


There are many reasons why you should buy a Artificial Intelligence text to speech software program. These include:


  1. It’s easy to use.
  2. You can create new audio files very easily.
  3. The features of the Artificial Intelligence text to speech software program are extensive and flexible.
  4. The Artificial Intelligence text to speech software program is very cost effective, especially if you compare it with the amount of money that you would spend on hiring a professional voice actor.
  5. You don’t need to know how to code or use any programming languages.
  6. It’s also very easy to customize the Artificial Intelligence text to speech software program, for example you can change the speed of the speech, the pitch of the voice and even add background sounds.


What is the best artificial intelligence software for a home user? 



The best Artificial Intelligence text to speech software program for a home user depends on your needs and price point . We have narrowed it down to just 5 favourites.


They are very easy to use and you can create your own voice with just one click. It also has many different voices, for example American English or English, Canadian and Australian male and female just to name a few.









What type of voice is used to replace a human voice?


An extremely natural sounding human voice is used to replace human voice. It sounds as if you are listening to a real person talking or reading out loud . It can also be used to create fun and entertaining content such as the greeting of your website, TV show, commercial and so on.


The voice generator provided we can’t tell apart from a human voice! The result is a high quality natural sounding final result. Speech technology and e-learning from robots has come a long since Ai neural network tools have been at play.


1. High-quality, cost-effective voice recognition software

2. Easily generate professional quality audio content in seconds

3. Easy to use and install – no programming skills required!


Text to speech (TTS) is an Artificial Intelligence-based feature that can read out content, text, and even audio. It’s perfect for any device that can output text or speech. However, when you start looking into TTS technology, it may be overwhelming. This article will help you decide which TTS technology to use for your business.


How does Artificial Intelligence text to speech work?


Beyond basically converting language text into speech, these virtual assistants can also learn and get better at converting text. Text-to-speech systems use a set of software that reads words in real time.


Furthermore, they use algorithms to convert text into speech, the most popular TTS systems are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). These systems can learn and improve their performance over time giving a very real human experience, meaning that they will become more accurate producing natural sounding voiceovers as they go along.


These Ai text to speech tools have a growing library of natural sounding voices, great customer service and are perfect tools for creators, and for affordable pricing give hours of voice recordings saving you tons of money and time with for example Youtube videos or podcasts.


Give the tools a test drive for real time speech recognition, with a simple interface you will be able to download your mp3 files in a matter of seconds. Natural sounding speech with human like intonation in multiple languages powered by Ai machine learning technology.


FAQ For Ai Text To Speech Solutions 2021


Is there a difference between male and female voices in text to speech software?


No all our top Ai text to speech options offer multiple voices, which means you can choose between male and female voices.


I need a deep learning text-to-speech tool for my website copy


The tools we have listed would be perfect for this , some of them come with a free trial period so you can see how easy they are to use and pick your favourite one from our best picks!


How Do I Find The Best Artificial Intelligence Text To Speech Software Options Online?


You have come to the right place we have done the hard work for you , all the tools listed are from top providers, and have been carefully trialed and selected by our team.


Yes it’s possible! Easy Creation of Audiobooks using AI


Nothing could be easier than this with the artificial intelligence text to speech tools , a few steps and you will have a beautiful audiobook on your hands, no special skills needed.


What is the most realistic sounding text to speech?


All our tools have pretty similar options and lots to choose from they them for yourself they all use natural language, it’s more about the simple interface that you prefer, pricing and whether you need other bells and whistles or just simply text to speech options to download voiceover as an Mp3 file quick and easy to use!


How much does it cost to use Ai text to speech software?


They are all affordable and offer far more words than I can use every month.


Check out their pricing, at the time of writing this some were on a Lifetime Software deal at App Sumo so buy once and never have to pay again!


In Conclusion


Thanks for reading our blog post about how to get started with artificial intelligence text to speech. It really couldn’t be more simple and we are excited to be able to provide this information to you and hope that you are able to make the most of it. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask us a question.


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For the sake of transparency our articles may contain a few affiliate links, which means we may receive a few pennies from any purchases. Thank you!

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