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Learn how to increase traffic to your business with our digital marketing guides plus software deals and tool tips

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Financial freedom is the end goal for most people, but it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Passive income can provide financial security and independence that allows you to work less hours in order to enjoy your life more. With grit and determination, patience and hard work and the help of social media, SEO and search engine traffic this can be a reality! After a successful first journey, before raising a family, join my journey 2nd time around! Keep reading for essential online marketing tips, tricks and software tools for the small business owner.

Top Online Marketing Tips, Tools and Software

AppSumo Lifetime Software Deals

AppSumo Lifetime Software Deals One Price

AppSumo lifetime software deals are a great way for entrepreneurs and marketers to purchase leading edge new software products at lifetime rates with no additional monthly fees. It’s always nice to get a deal, but AppSumo delivers more than just the best prices – they provide access to some of the most powerful tools in your arsenal at an unbeatable price. 


Essential Social Media Marketing Tools

4 Marketing Tools We Use Daily Below! 2021 Essentials!


Jarvis Ai - Content Creation

Imagine the day when you don’t have to worry about churning out content for your company blog, keeping your social media feeds full of fresh updates, or creating copy for new ads. MEET JARVIS!

Jarvis Ai Content Scheduling Tools


Metricool - Social Media Scheduling

Seamless social media scheduling and sharing! VISIT METRICOOL for great pricing!



Metricool Social Media Scheduling



Storrito - Social Media Story Scheduling

Automatically schedule Instagram and Facebook stories! – oh yes you can! MEET STORRITO

Storrito Instagram Scheduling Stories


Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a fantastic value for money service. For video and graphic templates, music and so much more on a monthly subscription basis VISIT ENVATO ELEMENTS 1 price covers it all!

Envato Elements Digital Assets

Marketing Online With Social Media

That doesn't break the bank

We live our life on social media, which makes social media an essential tool in your marketing strategy. 


One of the primary reasons social media is such an awesome opportunity for earning money is because social networks are free to use up until you start getting more serious about monetizing your account and ramping up your marketing game. 


When you actually have social media accounts with active followers, social media becomes a premier opportunity to sell your business or affiliate products.


Interact with your followers, provide useful information and grow your business!

  • Earn an unlimited income full-time or part-time
  • Escape the 9-5 grind and live life on your own terms
  • Make money from home in any country
  • Get one step closer to financial freedom


I’m a stay at home Mum who has been busy raising my son who is now 12! (2021)

After a few highs and lows on life’s roller coaster I’m now back to picking up where I left off and beginning the ladder to financial freedom again. 


Luckily enough the first time round before tragedy struck I had already been successful enough with my business online to buy a property outright which has since been a Godsend in more difficult times. Anyhow more about me another time……

Online Marketing and Social Media: The Road to Financial Freedom

Online marketing and social media: The Road to Financial Freedom. Sounds like an enticing promise? It is possible with determination and hard work, until things start to click into place at least! then the aim is to be earning money as you sleep! Who doesn’t want that?


At JoJo Social I will be giving you some pointers on how to get started with digital marketing, key software and tools in order for your business (or blog) to grow successfully through SEO and social media networks such as Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. 


Join the journey, I did it before and I will do it again! check in often for our top software finds, time saving hacks and highs and  lows of Affiliate Marketing, Social Media and the journey to Financial Freedom.

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